"ART, is my life...a (statement)."


"In the creation of my ART, I seek the "truth"

of whatever I am feeling and that, becomes

the ART...I "feel", rather than "think" about it.

I believe ART "flows" through me and at times,

I am not in control...the ART "controls" me."


"My ART is inspired by anyone (or) anything,

at any given catches me "off-guard",

beginning as a "spontaneous" exploration of my own

imagination. At some point in time, it becomes a

"deliberate" effort and truth told, that moment can

become "boring", depending on the (particular)

ARTwork...I will continue it (or) there are times,

I walk away from it totally bored, done with it."


"GOD is my "ultimate" inspiration and

everything HE creates, is a form of ART.

My ART is also inspired by my career, as a

(Haute Couture) Fashion Designer...although for

many years, I wanted to "challenge" the realm

of my imagination (beyond) Fashion...Today,

I fully embrace it, most notably in my favorite

series entitled: RENAISSANCE OF HARLEM."


"Another one of my favorite series, is entitled:

FAITH & FAMILY...both subjects, are very

important in my life and both subjects, are

vital sources of inspiration..."relationships."

NUDESQUE, another series, is inspired by

my love of the Female Nude...(pure) beauty

interpeted and rendered in the "technique",

of the moment. The Female Nude lends itself

to line, shape and, language."


"I have been influenced by many ARTISTS in my

career after {GOD}, the "ultimate"...(Michelangelo),

the first ARTIST that fascinated my imagination,

at the age of (12), then (Picasso). When I create

works with motions of [Cubism], the comparisons

are "constant" and I've come, to accept them:-))

Before I discovered who (Picasso) was, I created

many "child" works based on, [geometric] shapes...

consequently, (Picasso) was introduced to me and

also to say, thank-you to (Matisse), (Modigliani),

(Miro) and (Magritte)...all names beginning with

the letter (M) and then, my name is (M)ichael.

A "curious-coincidence" and then, to acknowledge

(Dali) and (Bearden)...essentially, I am inspired

by all that is (historic) as it relates, to the (future)."


"When my ART is completed, such as it exists,

I want to observe it as a "viewer", not the "creator".

I want to have the pleasure of being "unburdened"

by the weight, of my (own) ego...this is not easy

and at times, I (fail) miserably...other times, I am

able to reach that place, where I (aspire) to be."


"It is my (sincere) hope that my ART "evokes"

a "geniune" reaction, from its viewer...if someone

"loves" my ART, I am grateful and then, if someone

does not "love" my ART, I am grateful...everyone is

"affected" by ART, at their (own) level of perception.

Like most ARTIST(S), I am often asked a particular

question from viewers, that "curious" question being:

"What were you thinking about, when you created

this ARTwork? What was going, through your mind?"


"My answer, whatever was going through my mind

is indeed the ARTwork, as it be...its (beyond) words

of explanation and in most cases, I am not inspired

to analyze it. Reiterating, the ART "controls" me,

I do not control the ART...the (mystery) "intrigues"

my imagination to continue my journey, as an ARTIST."





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